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Welcome to is the web's number one resource for state comptroller information. 

The comptroller function typically covers a number of financial aspects of state management.  Although it varies from state-to-state, some comptroller functions include:


  • State taxes

  • Finances and budgeting

  • Auditing

  • Grant management

  • Unclaimed Property


In many states the comptroller is an elected official. In other cases they are appointed.


This web site provides relevant information for each state's comptroller office, including the official name of the office, the comptroller's name and bio, what the state's comptroller office manages, and phone number and address for the comptroller.  If a state does not exist, then we were unable to find a comptroller for the state.  This could be because the state consolidates comptroller duties under a different group, such as the treasurer.


If you find any discrepancies, please contact us.

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